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BLASTMASTER SURFACE RESTORATION uses Baking Soda Blasting, a process in which an environmentally safe product, sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), is used as a specially formulated blast media to clean and strip surfaces using a pressure blasting machine. With this technology, we can:

    • Remove or Etch Paint
    • Remove Soot
    • Remove Graffiti
    • Clean Framing And Substructures
    • Clean Brick And Masonry
    • Clean Plastic, Vinyl, And Fiberglass
    • Remove Stains Caused By Dirt

BLASTMASTER combines top quality work with excellent customer service to provide you with the best in surface preparation. With years of experience in restoration services, and our high quality blasting equipment, we believe BLASTMASTER is your best choice!

In addition to Soda Blasting, we offer many other media blasting solutions to fit your needs:

    • Corn Cob Blasting for Log Homes and Wood Restoration
    • Sandblasting or Crushed Glass Blasting for heavier jobs

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